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Native Mobile Development

Our professional mobile app developers will transform your ideas into products that disrupt. We choose the right methodology to fit you development needs

Cross Platform Development

Develop once. Deploy everywhere. Looking to target more than one platform? Hoping to widen your audience? We create a one code base for multiple platforms; saving you time and money.

Scalable Cloud Backend

Your growth is what matters most. To ensure your mobile app can scale along with you, we utilize state-of-the-art mobile backends in all our mobile application programming.

App Store Optimization Services

Creating a high-quality mobile application is just the beginning. To truly stand out from the crowd and get found by your target audience, you need to set up your mobile platform like a pro on the app stores. Our marketing experts are highly knowledgeable about the best practices of App Store Optimization. By implementing the right tactics, keywords, screenshots, titles, logos, descriptions and content, we can help your app gain the most visibility possible in both Google Play and the Apple Store.

Partner with Madavi for an all in one solution. From mobile idea, to app creation and wide-spread connection, we can help turn your mobile vision into a unique application, reach your target audience, boost your downloads, maintain your mobile app and dramatically increase your chance of success.

Custom Mobile Development

Materialize your ideal mobile solution to unlock your company’s digital freedom. Give your users the flexibility they need to access your app from wherever they are.

Develop and customize for an enhanced user experience that leaves your target audience wanting more – it’s time to awaken your mobile platform and become your industry leader.


Our Process

Enhance your user experience and join forces with creative designers and developers. Together we can evolve upon your idea and transform the initial concept into an intuitive, user-friendly interface, designed to capture your users’ attention.

App Store Optimization Services

You will be found. Your idea will be shared. With the help of our ASO experts, you can follow App Store best practices and capture the attention of your target audience.


Insights on Mobile Apps & development

FAQs on Mobile Apps development in Kenya

Questions about mobile apps development.

There are three stages in our mobile app development process: The first stage is of planning in which we, after understanding your business and your objectives behind developing a mobile app, will wireframe a solution. The second stage is the design and development stage wherein we will create designs, character models (2D or 3D), sound effects and will test and remove the bugs and errors in the app, if any.

The third and final stage marks the launch of the app followed by the marketing of the app.

We work closely with our clients and will ask for your suggestions and reviews at each stage of the development cycle. We will also make sure that all your feedbacks and suggestions are implemented in the development cycle.

Well, we develop the app with a one-time cost as your mobile app agency. We don’t prefer working on equity or partnership.


We have professionals who are experienced in the marketing and submission processes and they will guide you smoothly through the entire procedure. We will use official and unofficial app stores, In-app promotions, direct advertisement via social networking sites, analytics tools and several other methods to promote your app.

Each application has their own features, requirement, and complexity so application development can cost you in a range of 3,000 USD to 150,000 USD or more based on the complexity and scope of work.


Yes, we highly suggest that you initiate your project by launching the simplest version of your app and continue to make changes over time.


The idea behind upload an app with simple version is that you’ve made certain assumptions, and you can’t test these assumptions until you release the app and based on that uploaded app you can use this information to decide on the priorities of future requirements.


We prefer an AGILE development approach whereby we plan a certain amount of developer time each month to constantly improve things for you.

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