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Digital Marketing

Effectively communicating your brand online translates to profits offline. 
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We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

We listen to your voice, to your message, to what drives you. We research your audience, find out how they think, and identify gaps in your competitors’ approach.

Then we connect the dots. We bridge the gap. And we never stop until your message is heard.

Our digital marketing services are driven not only by passion but also by a driving desire to deliver exceptional sales conversions and ROI for our clients.

Amukune Ambuyo

Growth Marketing Expert

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Digital Marketing Services

Our goal is to make you more visible online and help you communicate the intended message to your clients and partners, increase traffic, and drive sales by converting that traffic into revenue.   

Search Engine Optimization


We aim to give your business the web exposure that it needs to place it ahead of your competition.

Our custom SEO techniques are proven to help businesses rank for the right keywords, build reputable online profiles, and leverage digital assets to boost domain authority and organic traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you want to efficiently convert traffic to your site, then you have come to the right place.
Based on your goals, whether it is to influence visitors to purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter, or book a consultation, our strategy is hand-crafted to be unique to the needs of your business.

Content Marketing

We help businesses manage their web presence, establish a consistent online identity, present themselves as an authority in their industry, and build vibrant online communities.
We guide businesses to exploit the right digital channels for higher sales.

Paid Media

Enhance your brand’s online exposure using paid advertising on social channels.
A cornerstone of any digital strategy, boosted ads on popular social channels, search engine results pages, and display ads on related websites, are proven to prime your business for success.


Targeted advertising based on historical consumer behavior to help you corner your market and excel in your niche.
Never lose another customer again.

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Digital Marketing FAQs

1. What is the difference between a long-form and short-form blog post?2022-09-20T14:00:43+00:00

The most obvious difference between long-form and short-form blog posts is their length. A long-form post is typically at least 1,200 words.

A short-form blog post, on the other hand, is generally about 700 to 800 words. These two types of blog posts serve different purposes. Long-form blogs are written for SEO value and to help improve rankings.

Comparatively, short-form posts are written to increase engagement or for posting to social and email channels.

What is a content calendar2022-09-20T13:25:44+00:00

What is a content calendar?

Just as it sounds, a content calendar is a detailed plan of when you will produce and publish your content. An effective content calendar will save you time and energy while keeping you organized and on track. It also helps you avoid content gaps and ensures you are producing new material regularly.

At Madavi, we help our clients create content calendars that address specific customer personas and content clusters to ensure that our strategy is covering all aspects of your business.

What is a PPC Audit?2022-09-20T13:24:37+00:00

What is a PPC Audit?

The Madavi PPC audit is a crucial step in our methodology.

Our team will perform a comprehensive review of all your previous campaigns and metrics to gain a deeper understanding of your current PPC strategy.

Specific elements of evaluation include wasted spend, missed opportunities, keyword analysis, account structure, ad copy, and match types.

We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and grow your business.

What is paid search advertising?2022-09-20T13:32:29+00:00

What is paid search advertising?

Paid search advertising is a method by which you pay for your website to appear in the advertising sections of relevant search engine results pages.

Typically, this section is at the top of the results page so users’ eyes land on your site first. The higher your bid is, combined with how relevant the ad is to searchers for that term, results in the increased likelihood it will appear in search results.

What is remarketing?2022-09-20T13:32:26+00:00

What is remarketing?

Remarketing, and its associated campaigns, is a technique aimed at drawing visitors to your site back in and encouraging them to convert.

This is done by showing ads to those individuals who have previously engaged with your site or app. Setting up such a campaign provides you with additional settings and reports designed specifically to reach previous visitors and users.

Typically, the ads are customizable and dynamic so you can feature the specific product or service each user was viewing when they abandoned your site.

Digital Marketing Articles

We use results-driven digital marketing strategies to enhance the performance of your company in the long run.

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