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Truecaller and Madavi Partnership

Truecaller and Madavi Partnership in Kenya || What it means and its benefits

Truecaller and Madavi Partnership in Kenya || What it means and its benefits

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We are listed among the Top B2B Companies in Africa 2020 as Listed by Clutch (Read Here). 

Just recently, Madavi and Truecaller, the world’s best Caller ID and spam blocking app service provider partnered to enable seamless build of mobile applications and users verification.

Truecaller is an international smartphone application for caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording, Chat and Voice by using the internet. The app uses a standard cellular mobile number for registering, available for both android and  IOS devices.

 Truecaller’s latest app feature?

The Call Reason let users add a reason to their call. 

Not only have Truecaller solved the call identification problem, but also managed to quench the thirst of “who?” is calling and “why?”.

Call Reason Feature Truecaller

In the mobile app development space, Truecaller focuses on driving user growth with instant and hassle-free verification for users through funnel optimization for more users through mobile number verification software development kit (SDK).



 Ask Madavi.

Truecaller is the largest mobile number identity platform with 250+million verified user profiles.

 In the Truecaller and Madavi Agency partnership, Truecaller will help Madavi use mobile phone numbers to support apps during to 

  • signup and  register new users 
  • quickly verify registered users
  • login  verified  users 

Without the need for any costly OTP SMS authentication that mostly requires the user to exit the app.

How about users without Truecaller apps?

No worries. Truecaller and Madavi has you covered.

Truecaller SDK will also give you an option to verify users who do not have the Truecaller app present on their devices. Users of Mobile apps developed by Madavi will not be required to download Truecaller app but rather, via means of a drop call being triggered to the user’s device in the background. This is called Drop call authentication, a service unique to our partner.

In India, the fast, easy, and a hassle free verification for users boasts futuristic innovations portrayed in Truecaller SDK success stories.

Bigbasket; India’s largest online grocery platform with over $1 billion in gross merchandise.

1mg; online healthcare platform that leverages Truecaller to achieve instant, 1-tap checkout; resulting in more orders placed on its mobile web.

Cardekho; auto tech company, digitizing auto ecosystem to help succeed both buyers and sellers. They use Truecaller platform to achieve OTP-less mobile number verification, thus resulting in more number of verified leads.

Explore more developers success with Truecaller.

How will Truecaller SDK partnership benefit Madavi Software Company?

Apps developed by Madavi using Truecaller SDK are expected to increase successful user signups from the already available mobile numbers verified by Truecaller of 250+million users globally.

These are real people and prospects for mobile apps developed by Madavi with improved user experience through 1-tap, instant verification – without any OTP SMS by minimizing user drop-off and app abandonment in eCommerce; Reducing chances to human error in designing simple, clean design with effortless mobile number verification. 

Truecaller SDK auto-fills user registration form by capturing mapped user’s, in this case, the app uses the mobile phone number for verification. Apps developed by Madavi will achieve automated, secure and fast app activations, quick checkout with less number of steps or screens by users. 

How will you benefit from the Truecaller and Madavi partnership as our client?

  • Convert more users by reducing drops in lesser steps
  • Leverage scale of 250+ million verified Truecaller app users
  • Build with world-class verification infrastructure
  • Quick integration time with standard, light-weight SDKs

If you are looking to build a mobile app, that needs to verify users using their phone numbers, #AskMadavi.

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