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Konvergenz Kenya
The Challenge

How do we present and relay our product's provision to enterprise customers through digital channels?

Our Solution Process

step 1

Challenge Overview

Konvergenz provides a complete suite of end to end IT and communications solutions that allow businesses and organisations to improve operational efficiency.

They have had an array of clients who they have acquired through traditional sales channels and now needed to have a broader reach of clientele.

They needed to tap into the power of online to acquire more sales. Madavi was tasked with bringing this to fruition

step 2

What we did.

An improved website foundation attracted new member prospects organically through search engines like Google.

An integrated team across content, creative, promotion and analytics allowed for rapid testing and optimising at scale.

Messaging mapped to each stage of the customer journey expanded marketing beyond bottom-funnel activities.


The Business Impact

A fluid redesign enabled the website to be 50% faster than the previous website with engagement communication tools that reduced customer journey map.

New organic keywords added
Improved loading time in seconds
30 %
Increase in Domain Authority after 4 weeks

Konvergenz to be the leading end to end IT Solutions Provider in East Africa

We designed a conversion-focused website that was coupled with strong editorial content and clear conversion pathways to help users navigate your website and take action.

Specialized reports identified the keyword and source for every lead generated, focusing SEO efforts on the keywords that brought in actual buyers.
Konvergenz Network Solutions Kenya
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