Tatu City

The Challenge

How can we automate the road engineering and construction process to eliminate inefficiency among teams?

Our Process

The road construction process is a rigorous set of activities that needs constant communication between collaborating teams. Work delegation and approval was done manually by sending relevant documents between individuals which increased the construction period.

We designed a prototype that entailed all activities done at a road construction site and iterated on it with the Engineers to make it better. Their interactions were facilitated through a mobile and web application.

The Outcome

We worked with Tatu City for 6 months to understand the workflow and developed a system that would aid them in executing the same operations as before but at a faster effective rate.

This increased projects done per a specified period of time. Collaboration between teams also improved since people could communicate via both web and mobile applications.

Tatu City
Project date : :
2019 - 2020
Client brief : :
Developing a digital framework to automate Activities Management in construction to improve efficiency
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