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How to build a digital presence for Business

Let’s face it, Covid-19 has only been a catalyst to the inevitable digital transformation.

Hey, if you missed the news, we are in The Information Age. Also known as the Computer Age…the Digital Age…the New Media Age. The future is here. We now live in a generation driven by digital innovation and rapid exchange of information.

As a matter of fact, the growth and increased acquisition of smartphones and tablets have led to massive growth in mobile computing. We no longer need big desktops and long research hours to find the right information, whether it’s about an organization, a business supplier, a consultant, a government institution, Madavi. The growth of m-commerce has led to an increase in demand for digital presence for businesses in Kenya.

Our smartphones can do almost everything. Yes, you can draw a picture on your phone and print it.

You can extract, copy and paste text characters of an image.

You can have a digital personal trainer as an app.

You can monitor your kid’s academic performance on your phone.

Digital Technology and State Capacity in Kenya

ICT has affected the economics of Kenya in different ways. Kenya’s e-commerce thrives in fast and unlimited internet speed, with internet on 87.2%, as at 31st December 2019, of its population of 54 million, E-commerce can only but grow.

Majority of internet usage occurs on mobile phones and tablets. Millennials and the subsequent generation rely on mobile phones as their primary source of information for businesses powering m-commerce. 

What is m-commerce?

 Kenya records the highest internet penetration in Africa at affordable rates. Just recently, 5G network was introduced in Kenya.

 How will 5G affect mobile computing in Kenya? #AskMadavi. 

 As opposed to traditional methods of information outsourcing, a business with a digital presence is 

  • easier to access, 
  • faster to learn more about &
  •  convenient to interact with.

So, how to build an online presence for your business in Kenya?

Step 1

Build a professional website, Hire an expert.

Custom design your website with design-driven solutions. A website is like a virtual office. Unlike a physical office, a website promotes your business 24/7, gives your audience access to the information they need remotely at any time. 

What are the goals of a business website? 

  • For business communication
  • To sell products and services 
  • Brand identity and enhancement
  • To educate about your business

Different websites serve different purposes. While e-learning could be a crucial part of an academic website, online appointment software might be what matters for a health and wellness business website. 

The role of the website to your business shapes the design. 

Advantages of a building a professional website for your business  in Kenya 

  1. 24/7 available and easy to access
  2. Fast Information exchange automated with chatbots
  3. The credibility of the business. 
  4. Cuts on Marketing costs 
  5. Global market expansion and audience outreach 
  6. Consumers insights and analytics  
  7. Digital branding and advertising
  8. Available online customer services

Step 2

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that the easiest website to find is Google?


Search engine optimization is the process of rendering your website information easy to find by search crawlers such as Google, Microsoft edge, opera mini, Safari etc.

Digital business entrepreneurs dream to be at the top of the search results page when queries related to their business or directed to their products are made. In most cases, the most relevant search results will be displayed and your goal as a marketer is to make sure you get noticed.

Step 3

Digital advertising

Building a website and not advertising is like opening a shop and not telling people about it. Digital advertising not only helps your potential clients notice the neat custom design that gives your business a professional look but also builds trust and credible online reputation. 

Many business websites in Kenya use digital advertising to :

  • drive traffic to websites, 
  • generate leads, 
  • build brand awareness, 
  • establish thought leadership, 
  • build virtual communities for the exchange of information

Back then, when prints, TVs and radios were our main source of commercial information, the target audience was somehow unknown, and marketers had to deal with negative feedback from ads shown to the undesired audience. 

Your brand may not be that bad after all, all you need is to custom and personalize business messages for a specific target group. 

It even gets better, the AI technology in digital marketing allows automated ads custom to user’s needs.

 If you wish to learn more about Digital Advertising for your business, follow us on Social media for more. 

What Are the Digital Advertising Formats you can adopt for business?

  • SEM, PPC
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Remarketing and retargeting 
  • Video advertising with closed captions 

FAQs by Madavi

Google allows you to bid for top spots on their search results pages when users make queries related to your business. The Facebook business manager shows ads both on Instagram and Facebook, and soon, Whatsapp.

Step 4

Social media for Business

On 31st December 2020, Kenya recorded 7M Facebook users. Facebook owns WhatsApp and  Instagram too, just so you know.  

The growth of Facebook communities with members that share interests, makes marketing endeavours précise.

Fun facts:

  • Instagram’s IGTV is competing YouTube videos for their coins, why?  The Instagram user interface is optimised to Mobile and Tablet viewing. Also, Instagram Reels is set to compete Tiktoks and Snapchat’s short videos. 
  • Undeniably, Facebook has become a reliable source of information for businesses in Kenya.
  • Facebook owns both Instagram and Whatsapp, their end goal, hinting at driving communication to benefit the business world ie Facebook for Business, Instagram for Business, Whatsapp for Business.
  •  Social media is the first stop when looking for a virtual community for your brand. These are people who will constantly like, share and even ask questions about your business. 75% of your impressions (people who see your posts) are watching. 

Choosing the right social media platform for your business

Anyone can sign up for a social media account. Sometimes, users have multiple accounts for different reasons. Consumers’ social media engagement varies with age, interest, location etc

As a business targeting social media users,  there are 3 things you have to understand when building a digital presence on social media 

  • Who is your audience?
  • How can you reach them?
  • What are your goals?

What are the popular Social media channels for your business?

  • Facebook for Business
  • Instagram for Business
  • WhatsApp for Business 
  • Twitter for Business 
  • LinkedIn for business 
  • YouTube Studio
  • Pinterest for Business 

Step 5

List your business online

Online business directories are here for consumers. With so many businesses online, consumers are challenged to find a legible business within a certain niche, in a particular place and within a certain industry, to transact with. 

For start-up entrepreneurs, many fall into prey of ghost business accounts. Common case scenario; an online business that never delivered. 

Customer protection is key. 

The consumers are willing to hold a third party accountable, in case of anything. eg Google My Business, Clutch Reviews, Yellow Pages. 

A virtual community ( a group of people who came together to support or be against your brand online) forum is able to give personal reviews on their customer engagement. 

Mostly, online users are increasingly précise with what they want. 


 cheap burger place in Westlands 


Home delivery services for groceries in Karen

Listing your business online with all the information your audience needs when looking for you, helps your clients reach you faster and tap into the local and global market. 

Business listing is business directories. Only that, it’s purely online. in simpler words, the Internet is like a collection of digital books. Physical books are stored in libraries whereas digital books (your business) are found in online website directories. 

Google is like a library. 

You could write your book (website) and place it there for people to easily access it. 

Others include Clutch, AppFutura, Facebook Shops, Jumia Shop, Amazon. 

 All have one thing in common, a common platform where consumers give feedback and matters. 

 Local listing taps into local business markets and leverage on reviews.  You have to remember that online directories act like librarians; They guide us where and how to find a business. 

The best online business listings in Kenya are  

  • Google my Business  
  • TripAdvisor 
  • Businesslist 
  • Pigiame 
  • Yellow pages.

What other website listings give honest reviews about B2B Businesses in Kenya? Help up build a safe digital environment for you and the future generation. 

Why you should list your business on Google my business?

Google My Business. 

Set up your Google My Business profile to have more visibility to your potential clients. AskMadavi on how to do this

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