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Synerise helps you understand your customer

Massive-scale low code platform driven by science with real-time data orchestration and pragmatic business scenarios execution

Born in the cloud ūüƧ and raised by data

With our experience and scientific approach to technology, we democratize AI and harness
its capabilities to enable new ways to apply data to customers and business.

Synerise helps you understand your clients better...

Synerise platform has features which are available in many separate marketing cloud solutions. Easy to build customer identification and integration with current data in other systems is most of the powerful solutions. 

With Synerise, you can build effective omnichannel real-time analytics, custom dashboards, real time campaigns for every possible channel and media, use A/B/X testing to choose best communication. Every collected data can be stored in Terrarium data storage very effectively, thanks to this you can use at low costs large volumes of data.

Through Artificial Intelligence, you are able to track every event, across every channel, for the customer – whether it’s mobile, it’s web, it’s retail, physical presence.
Synerise platform provides insights to know your customers better. At a massive scale.  

See what Synerise can do for your organization

Industries and areas


Seamlessly integrate online and offline customer activities for a true 360-degree profile, updated in real time, while delivering customized content at scale.


Monitor customer touchpoints for optimized content and pricing information in tailored conversion paths.


Create a unified customer view across platforms, create precise segments in real time and use prediction models to manage churn.


Manage lead generation and sales funnel activity more effectively to drive traffic to showrooms, while enhancing the customer experience.


Use AI pattern recognition to enhance customer engagement, identify potentially fraudulent activity and ensure secure operations.

Other Industries

As an open ecosystem Synerise adapts to any industry’s needs.

Who is using Synerise Data Platform

Synerise Data Platform  is used by global companies to understand their customers better and more in-depth. 

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