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Digital Marketing Services

Strategic Marketing

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing strategies and employ alternative tactics to boost lead generation and sales


Impact your audience with memorable, eye-catching designs that draw customers in and leave them wanting more. From visually engaging website design, landing pages and marketing materials to user-friendly apps and products, we know what it takes to capture your audience’s attention.

Search Engine Optimization

Identify what’s holding your website back by undergoing a full SEO audit to increase your online visibility and compete with the big players

Google Ads

Seize the moment and create targeted ad campaigns to convert your potential customers as they’re searching online for solutions just like yours Work with Madavi to increase your online visibility by selecting the right media cost model to suit your specific needs.

App Store Optimization

Set your app up for success from the very start by following ASO best practices to make your product stand out in the app stores and hit the top of the search results in the mobile world.

Content Marketing

Provide your target market with valuable, educational content tol help them answer their biggest questions. From articles to blogs, e-books and infographics, tap into our content marketing services to create digital assets that can be leveraged for lead generation, community building, and even monetizing.

Why Choose Madavi As Your Go-To Online Digital Marketing Agency?

We listen to your voice, to your message, to what drives you. We research your audience, find out how they think, and identify gaps in your competitors’ approach. Then we connect the dots. We bridge the gap. And we never stop until your message is heard.


 Often working with companies from the ground up, we help turn great ideas into reality by developing and designing your software before reaching your audience with powerful messaging that ensure its success.

Our Process

Our digital marketing services are driven not only by passion but also a driving desire to deliver exceptional sales conversions and ROI for our clients.

We invest a substantial amount of time understanding our clients’ benchmarks of success and KPI’s and craft smart digital strategies to gain maximum market share in the digital universe.

Digital Marketing Packages

Packages to help you elevate your business into a brand.
$ 699
per month (3 months minimum)

Starter Pack

  • Website UI/UX Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On page Optimization
  • 1 Review Meeting
  • Content Plan (2 socials)
  • Google Analytics Management and Reports
  • 1 Optimized Article
$ 1890
Per Month (6 months minimum)

Growth Hacking

  • Everything in Elite packaging
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • Automation tools recommendations. 
  • Weekly Review Meetings
  • Content Plan (4 socials)
  • Community Management
  • 40 SEO key phrases optimized
  • 4 Optimized Articles Monthly
  • Landing page template setup
  • Website Conversion Analysis
  • Email Marketing Setup & Management
  • Website Heatmap Reports (4 pages)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategy

FAQs on Digital Marketing

Questions about our packages

Whether your business is taking advantage of it or not, social media has forever changed the way that consumers communicate with businesses, and vice versa. Being accessible to your customers – and your prospective clients – via social media is a vital means of developing relationships with them and helping them through the sales funnel.

One thing is for certain – social media marketing is never free. Whether you’re spending your own valuable time on it, asking an employee to add it to their workload, hiring a social media employee, or outsourcing to a marketing firm, there is always a cost. The key is to get the maximum ROI out of the time or money you put into it.

It’s important to remember, however, that ROI doesn’t have to mean revenue. It can, but it can also mean meeting other objectives, such as getting new leads, increasing email subscriptions, or even boosting customer satisfaction. The ROI you end up with is the direct result of how focused your social media marketing strategy is.


Apart from all of the benefits it provides on its own, such as increasing your credibility as an industry expert and providing fresh, keyword-rich content on a regular basis to please the search engines, a blog is a vital component of social media marketing.

One of the most effective types of content to post on social media is a link to a blog post. Without fresh blog posts being shared on a regular basis, you won’t have nearly as much to talk about with your fans, and you won’t be driving as much traffic to your site, either


Word of mouth can be great, but a majority of consumers find and research companies online before making any purchases. An online presence gives your company credibility and boosts brand awareness. Plus, websites are an avenue for endless marketing strategies, including e-commerce, online customer service, and consumer engagement.

Digital marketing allows businesses to raise brand awareness, share information about products, engage with the audience, and monitor online reputation.

Digital advertising allows businesses to advertise and promote products, offer discounts or specials, and attract buying customers.

Simply put, digital marketing establishes a target consumer audience while digital advertising drives this audience to sales.

With social media constantly evolving, this depends on variables such as the time and effort you’re putting into social media marketing management, your budget, your audience, your strategy, and whether you’re using paid ads or not.

Regardless, it’s important to remember that social media is a marathon and not a race.

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