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The Challenge

In the digital world, how can we ensure there is efficient and constant communication between teachers and parents within schools and ultimately improve student performance ?


Our Process

Madavi was approached to define the above problem rampant in the Kenyan educational ecosystem and how to come up with a solution for it. Our client, a parent with a child in school, needed help with working towards Proof of Concept and a Minimum Viable Product (M.V.P).

The Madavi team was able to design, structure and develop a product that answers the problem statement by coming up with a product that enhances teacher-parent communication through a web and mobile app.

The Outcome

The product was shipped to early adopters(schools) who posted a significant improvement in student performance due to timely communication between teachers and parents who were able to implement decisions on time.

Project date : :
2019 - Present
Client brief : :
Designing an adaptive platform to enhance communication between parents and teachers.
Project Link : :