Fundiz Shop

The Challenge

In the furniture space, how do ensure a consumer’s satisfaction by giving them a right quality product within a specified time?

Our Process

We were approached to design an ecommerce platform that would provide an intuitive online shopping experience for furniture products at affordable prices.

We came up with a Design and Development Plan that analyzed current ecommerce sites and what they lack to deliver to their target customers and how we could bridge that challenge in the Kenyan ecosystem.

Coupled with this, we recommended and implemented a SEO Plan that saw the website ranking high on search engines from the day it was launched.

The Outcome

Fundiz saw a hike in the number of potential customers visiting their site and making purchases. The sales were all organic from keywords they ranked on Google and also visitors from their social media accounts.

Project date : :
2019 - 2020
Client brief : :
Streamlining a users online furniture shopping experience in Kenya
Project Link : :