Family TV

The Challenge

In a world of evolving technology, how do we ensure we engage our congregants on Sundays and beyond?


Our Process

Family TV was seeking a way to leverage their content in a way that could be accessible to their mobile audience.

Madavi took a holistic approach to the project and led the Client through the A-to-Z process of product design, development, and post-release support.


The key challenges were:

– translating the vague project idea into the ready-to-implement scope of work.
– designing the complex product that will meet users and business goals. 

The Outcome

We came up with a digital product which brings convenience and mobility to its users, with consideration in the dynamic technology trends and desirable lifestyles.

We designed and developed an iOS and android application which users could showcase video & audio sermons, latest news and select scriptures.

Family TV
Project date : :
2019 - 2020
Client brief : :
Spreading the gospel to the masses through digital media tools.