Aspira Kenya

The Challenge

How can we leverage on Search Engines to improve customer-centric services and ultimately grow sales?

Our Process

We were contracted by Aspira Kenya to improve their Search Rankings on the web and advise on how they can use their website to make additional sales to the ones made in their partner stores.

We designed a SEO Plan that would not only improve rankings, but also A/B Testing to improve User Experience once they landed on the website.

We also integrated the offers on the website with SalesForce to streamline the customer journey and increase the number of purchasing customers.

The Outcome

Aspira Kenya were able to convert their website as a sales funnel and this increased their quarterly revenue.

The number of inquiries channeled through their website also went high enabling them to tend to their online customers faster and more efficiently.

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Shaping how consumers purchase online and pay for products - over time.
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