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Keyword Competition Analysis and 7 Tools To Help You Rank

Content is the king and undoubtedly the best way to market your offerings and target your segment audience. However, content s effective only if it contains competitive keywords in it. In order to rank higher on SERPs organically, you have to include high-ranking, competitive, and high search volume keywords in your content to fetch you outstanding results. Using the relevant and competitive keywords will result in a rise in quality web traffic, increased conversions, and ultimately better return on investments.

The most prominent challenge with content marketing is that your competitors also know the gist and are also including keywords in their respective pieces of content. So now the question is how to outrank them?

The clear answer is to conduct a smart keyword competition analysis.

In this article, we will learn about keyword competition analysis, how to conduct it, and the tools for keyword competition analysis.

Let’s begin.

What is Keyword Competition Analysis?

Keyword competition analysis is the process of developing a keen understanding of what keywords your competitors are using and are ranking for. With the insights about your competitors, you can learn from their mistakes and save your time trying different sets of keywords.

It primarily focuses on identifying how you can improve your keyword research in order to reach a mass audience and compel them to take your desired call to action.

With the results derived from conducting keyword competition analysis, you can effectively plan and monitor your keyword strategies and take impromptu decisions if required to skyrocket your conversions and, ultimately, the revenue.

What Are The Undisputed Benefits of Keyword Competition Analysis?

Analyzing your competitor’s move in terms of keywords, SEO efforts, and paid marketing strategies will help you achieve more in a limited time span. Conducting keyword competition analysis has numerous benefits because if you create a keyword strategy without taking your competitors into consideration, you’ll miss out on some crucial information.

Adapting keyword competition analysis allows you to compare your existing and ongoing keyword strategies with your competitors, opening doors for improvement and adapting fresh and more competitive strategy to outrank your counterparts.

Some magnificent benefits of keyword competition analysis include.

  • Offers you the scope of improvement
  • Helps develop an understanding of what your competitors are doing
  • Saves time and efforts
  • Allows you to frame better and more competitive keyword strategies
  • Ranking higher on SERPs will bring you an improved conversion rate, a surge in quality traffic, enhanced brand awareness, and brand visibility.

Things to Know Before Carrying Out Keyword Competition Analysis

In order to effectively conduct keyword competition analysis, you must take factors affecting the decisions and movements of your audience or potential buyers and competitors, respectively. You must focus on leveraging the power of your keyword competition analysis to its fullest and make the necessary required changes promptly.

You need to keep in mind a few things before conducting your keyword competition analysis for better and more accurate results.

1- Audience

You can adopt a competitive keyword strategy only if you have insights into how your target audience search for similar products like yours. It includes what terms they use, the frequency, and how they choose to interact with brands offering similar services or products. Closely studying your audience will help you understand their buyer personas, enabling you to plan your strategies that primarily cater to their needs.

Also, note that your target audience segment will change over time, so make sure to track the shift in their buyer personas if you wish to change the brand intent.

2- Competitors

It is essential to prioritize your competitors. Knowing your top competitors allows you to conduct crisp result-oriented, and accurate keyword competition analysis. This helps you not to get distracted by new players in the market and focus on the big players.

You must invest your time identifying the big players in your product or service segment. However, markets are highly volatile, so that new players will enter the market, so you have to keep an eye on every new entry because precautions are always better than cure.

Tools for Keyword Competition Analysis That You Can Use

You don’t need special skills or a particular degree to conduct keyword competition analysis because you have the tools. With the help of keyword competition analysis tools, you can carry out the analysis in a straightforward and effortless manner.

There are plenty of tools available in the market that claims to help you through your journey of keyword competition analysis. Now the question arises, which one to prefer.

Here are a few tools for keyword competition analysis that you can prefer.

1- Ahref

Ahref is a one-stop destination for all your content marketing tools. It offers many magnificent features, allowing you to frame competitive strategies for organic search and sponsored ad campaigns. The features that Ahrefs offers include keyword competition analysis, keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, position tracker, backlink tracker, paid traffic checker, etc. The keyword competition analysis feature allows you to have real-time insights into the keywords that your competitors are ranking higher.

2- Google Alerts

With the help of Google Alerts, you can choose to receive notifications for the type of keywords that you think your competitors are using and are ranking higher on SERPs for. In addition to that, it also allows you to have an idea about what topics are trending to get inspiration for new pieces of content.

3- Semrush

Semrush is a wholesome tool allowing you to track each and every move of your competitors. In addition to keyword competition analysis, Semrush offers you the feature where you can even track the online mentions and social media presence of your rivals. This information provides you with a pool of opportunities to rank higher on SERPs and even in paid marketing campaigns.

4- Social Mention

Social mention is an undisputed alternative to Google alerts as it offers almost similar features. This tool allows you to track mentions of all the keywords you add to social mentions. In addition to that, you get insights about which topics are being discussed the most by your target audience so that you can create content around those topics, including all the relevant and highly buzzed keywords.

5- Similar Web

The similar web is a tool that allows you to conduct keyword competition analysis for multiple competitors at once. In addition to that, it will enable many features like information about your competitor’s monthly traffic, various sources of traffic channels, and their demographics. With insights into all such crucial information, you can never go wrong in making competitive keyword strategies.

6- Moz

Moz helps you gain insights into your competitor’s top-ranking pages and keywords. In addition to that, you can perform extensive keyword research, backlink research & checker, SEO audit & crawl, rank tracker, and domain analysis.

7- Spyfu

Spyfu helps with keyword competition analysis and SERP & PPC analysis, keyword ranking history, keyword grouping, complete competitor analysis, Adwords spy tool, and whatnot.


Keyword competition analysis is indeed one of the most crucial aspects that you must take into consideration to rank higher on SERPs and outrank your rival counterparts organically. It also helps in framing competitive strategies that have the potential to fetch you excellent results in terms of improved brand awareness, visibility, conversions, and revenues. The keyword analysis allows you to engage better with your target audience and address their needs better, providing them a great sense of satisfaction and value.

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